This website is a place for healing. All types of healing. Whether you find yourself in a difficult place, without shelter or food, suffering from addiction, mental health issues, lonliness, saddness, grief, ptsd... we could go on and on.

This is a safe haven. You will find no judgement here.

In my lifetime I have come across many different types of people. Those who give, those who take, those who seemingly have everything, and those who have nothing. People who sail through life as if it were a walk in the park, and on the other end of the spectrum, those who struggle daily with addiction, disease, instability and pain. I have learned a great deal from these people. My "tribe" so to speak, the ones I connect with and feel a part of are those who have struggled or who are struggling, and still try to live their best life and be their authentic self. These are my people. The people I want to help. Whether it's a warm hat, a friendly chat, a meal, a smile, a listening ear....whatever it may be, I am inspired by something greater, to do something greater. I am here for a purpose. To "Be of Use". So if I meet you on the street or in a shop, or at my jobs working with children and working with those suffering addiction, you can relax. Let down your guard. I am a safe person. We are all here for a purpose. If you are stumbling now, you will get up. You will find your path. 

I did. And I never knew that I could or that I would.