My Mission:

Upcoming Event!!!!!!! Dec. 13, 2019

Huckleberry Hill Elementary School's 4th Grade is partnering with me to put together 60+ Bags of Hope for the homeless population! I am beyond thankful for this opportunity to bring awareness to these young students and their families as well as to the school. Thank you!!!!



My mission is to bring awareness to as many people as possible  about the needs of the homeless population. Anyone can become homeless at any time. Please consider helping by:

  • making a donation here or to your local food pantry and homeless shelter.

  • communicating the needs of the homeless to everyone you know.

  • advocating for adequate soup kitchens in your community, adequate and safe shelters.

  • advocate for services: mental health and physical health. is a place of hope and caring. A place where we can become inspired to help others. My mission is help people in need, one person at a time, by advocating for them. Be their voice!

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Feed One PerPe

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ FeedOnePerson.orgis a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing awareness about the needs of the homeless population. We are about Hope, Caring, Inspiration, Warmth, and Giving ~ feeding the Mind, Body, and Spirit. was born out of a deep desire to help those people in the greatest need. I became inspired by a quote by Mother Teresa, "If you can't feed 100 people, then feed just one".

That seemed simple. So I started my campaign to help those in need in the harshest time, the cold winter, one person at a time. I began crocheting​ beautiful hats and scarves for people, and filling 'Bags of Hope' with the basic necessities one needs to live on the streets.

     Once I began meeting this population and speaking with them I saw a profound need for not only those basics I was providing but for services they do not have easy access to, mental health services and physical health services.

Depending on what statistics we research, 25-30% of the homeless population have some degree of mental health disorder. This is astonishing! How can we, as private citizens, help? 

Become a part of the movement! Become an advocate!

Become inspired to help in any way you can! 



"Don't look away...Life is too short to waste a chance."

A special thanks to Keith Kuder, developer of this video. 

Helping one person at a time